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Express Savings At A Black Tag Price

Black Tag Express is a fast growing store that was created to sell low priced but high quality men’s & woman’s apparel, outdoor gear, camping supplies, pet products and much more. We strive to constantly provide the best products at the best price, hands down.

Prices So Low You’d Think It Came Off The Black Market!


Rolex Watch
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diamond earrings
mAn siTTing

How are we able to charge such low prices you ask?

We keep things a bit spicy when working directly with the manufacturers so there is no middle-man in the process. This allows us to offer our merchandise at extremely low prices. But make sure you act fast, the products and pricing on Black Tag Express change on a DAILY BASIS due to inventory, and the current best deals we’re finding from our manufacturers.

At Black Tag Express you will find great gifts for a loved one or friend, and, maybe even a gift for yourself.

We strongly believe in customer satisfaction because without you the customer there would be no black tag express. We love to communicate and speak with our customers.

If you’d like us to find a specific product for you at a black tag price please don’t hesitate in contacting us and letting us know!

We answer each question with passion and would just love to hear from you.

We are always growing and expanding. 

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy shopping with us here at Black Tag Express.



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